Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You all remember that back in March I had a run in with Mrs. Doyle? My sweet CRV was crunched and Mrs. Doyle said that the whole thing was my fault.

In case you have forgotten, Mrs. Doyle pulled out of her driveway and made a left in front of me. That alone makes the accident her fault. (Not to mention that she did the same thing to another neighbor less than two weeks after she did it to me. Fortunately, the neighbor was able to stop.)

I had to pay my deductible - which didn't please me, but when you need your wheels you do what you gotta do. I told Liberty that they should not have to pay a cent. If Mrs. Doyle hadn't pulled out in front of me, I wouldn't have hit her - plain and simple. They took my claim, my statement, and my pictures to arbitration. I got a call from Liberty Mutual yesterday, "Ladybug, I'm pleased to inform you that Liberty Mutual won 100% in arbitration. You will receive your check sometime this week."

HA! Take that, Mrs. Doyle!

And to Liberty Mutual - You're the best!

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