Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Weekend...

We got some rain, we got some wind, and we didn't lose power for more than 30 seconds. We needed the rain, Hanna was a good meteorological event. The winds weren't too bad, and we didn't lose any trees. We've had more issues from thunderstorms than we did from Hanna.

#1 Spent the day doing his AP World History 2 Building Block assignment. He's going to type it up this morning and be done with it. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll have another hellish Building Block assignment due next week. The boy is learning a ton from the assignment - at least it's not "busy work".

I spent the day watching House on TV. I'm bad!

Today we are off to see field polo. I love field polo. The game is totally different from arena polo - which is true hockey on a horse. Field polo is so much fun to watch - the horses really get going and the ball really flies! I even enjoy putting the divets back at half time!

See y'all later!

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