Monday, April 13, 2009

What We Did Over Break...

So last week was the kids' school vacation week.

On Friday afternoon we went to Academy Day to learn about the different service academies - they had representatives from all the schools in one place. It was informative and impressive. Both kids walked away wanting to see the Coast Guard Academy - who knew? I have to say, the guy was terrific and spent more than a few minutes with them.

#1 and I left there and headed off to to Shrine Mont for the Senior High Weekend. He and 3 other kids from our church enjoyed themselves immensely. LLB spent the weekend resting, getting rid of her cold, and controlling the TV.

I had to teach on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. I also had to ring handbells on Monday and Thursday nights. It's a busy week, you know...

We had time to go to the orthodontist for #1. He only has to wear his retainer at night now. He is a very happy boy! While we were out at the orthodontist, I convinced him that we needed to hit Target and World Market. (Hey, a shopping opportunity cannot be passed over.)

Tuesday turned out to be rainy and cold, so our trip to Annapolis was postponed to later in the week. We hunkered down and did some laundry. I'm sure we did something that was sort of fun, but I cannot for the life of me remember what we did.

On Wednesday, after my class, we headed off to the Circus after burgers at our favorite burger joint. #1 squawked that he didn't want to go to the circus, but we paid him no mind. We knew he'd have fun - and he did.

We took the car in for an oil change and hit the movies on Thursday. We saw Knowing. It was a thinker of a movie. We are still talking about it. If you haven't seen it - I think you might like it. After the movies, Mr. picked us up so we could get the car and then we headed out for dinner and more movie discussion.

On Friday we headed out to Annapolis so that Mr. and #1 could see the Naval Academy. We sat through the "why you should come here" lecture - the guy was terrific! We had lunch on campus and then took the tour. Our tour guide was kind of a fart and skipped some stuff, but LLB and I filled the boys in and showed them what they guide had skipped. #1 was impressed, but the amount of math required has him a bit nervous. He wants to keep his options open.

We stopped for dinner after fighting traffic for an hour and a half. We had some excellent college discussion. #1 is going to consider the Navy, but wants to see VMI, the Coast Guard Academy, Grove City College, William and Mary, and a few others. He loves structure and teamwork, so we KNOW he'd really fit in at a military establishment. He is worried about the math requirement, but I'm sure with some help from his teachers or a tutor, he'd be just fine. We told him he could even do summer school at the Academy to get the math done with a smaller class size and nothing else to study. He liked that idea. He is a good math student, he just gets worked up about it.

On Saturday, both children went to take their First Aid/CPR class. It was an 8am - 5pm class at the local hospital. After we dropped them off, Mr. and I headed off to the grocery store for a few things for dinner. We headed home to get some chores done before the kids were ready to come home. They enjoyed the class, but it was a LONG day. They both passed and can now go work at summer camp.

Yesterday was Easter. We spent most of our day in church. My bell choir played for the 8am in town and then I headed up to our church for the 9 and 11. LLB played her trumpet with her mentor and dear family friend (the Trumpeter of Jamestowne) for those two services - they did an amazing job! We ate like kings at coffee hour and then headed home for our own egg hunt and an afternoon of relaxing. LLB and I curled up on the couch under a blanket for some TV time while #1 checked his email and IMed some friends. Mr. did some work and went out for a run... (there is always one over-achiever!)

We had our Easter dinner yesterday evening with the Grandbugs. Our meal started with mimosas, shrimp cocktail, and some other munchies. Then we moved to the dining room. We had boneless pork chops on the grill - wonderful!!! Mr. used his new meat thermometer and the chops were simply amazing - they melted in your mouth. We had asparagus, green beans, cheesy potatoes, and hot croissant rolls. For dessert most of us were stuffed and just looked at the delicious cream puffs, but Grandpa had a couple and said they were pretty good.

Today the kids are sleeping in. It's their last day home. They will be back to the grind tomorrow. But, for today, we're keeping it simple - relax and enjoy.

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