Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a week!

I've been out straight the whole week. I thought our schedule would lighten up a bit as we approach May and June, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

#1 is gearing up for the musical - he's in the pit orchestra again this year. I think it will be his last unless they get a new conductor. The kid who is conducting - graduated last year but unfortunately lives locally - is a pain the - ahem - butt! He doesn't send information about rehearsals (like he is supposed to) and then gets mad when #1 can't be there because we've made plans. He doesn't know how to direct - He can't seem to count to 4 - this drives #1 up the proverbial wall. He had the gall to send me a nasty email telling me that my child needs to learn commitment - the silly boy doesn't know with whom he is dealing. (No one is more committed than my #1.) Needless to say, I blasted him back and haven't heard from him since. He's probably hiding in a corner licking his wounds. Emailing him and the director of the entire musical took a big chunk of my time this week. The good thing that came out of all of those emails - I've found out that there is a website with all the rehearsals listed. I found that extremely helpful - as did the Conductor kid. He didn't know that existed either. So... now that I've squared the theater department away, my year is complete.

#1 had his drum major tryouts this week. We've got our fingers and toes crossed. Any good luck you can send our way will be greatly appreciated. #1 has wanted to be the drum major since his very first football game as an 8th grader. I don't think the child has ever wanted something so badly.
They asked him all kinds of questions -
Why should we pick you? Well, I'm tall and everyone can see me. (They nodded.) I'm loud. (They grinned and nodded.) I work hard. (Another nod.)
You say you are responsible. You were late with the paperwork for Solo & Ensemble. What do you say about that? I'm human. (They nodded.)
He had to conduct. He messed it up a little bit, but got right back on. They asked him if he was nervous. He said, "Yes. I am a bit nervous." (He thought, "I'm scared out of my mind up here!")
They asked him a bunch of other questions and then they asked him what would he do differently as drum major. His answer, "Well, I would do something different than the other drum majors. As a drum major you are still part of the band. You are no more special than anyone else. I intend to participate in all the activities they do. When they are running. I'm running. When they are stretching, I'm stretching. When they are jumping off the nearest bridge, I'm jumping off the nearest bridge." He thought they were impressed by that. (That may be the one answer that gets him this position he wants so desperately.)
When we get the results, you'll get the results. The waiting has been excruciating for all the kids and families involved.

LLB did Battle of the Books this year and their final competition was Friday night. We've never done anything like this before. (In a nutshell: you and your teammates read 20 books over the course of the school year. Then you show up to answer questions about those 20 books. There is an individual round where you answer multiple choice questions. Then you do 5 rounds with your team - you need to know the book and the author to get points. Then you do a final round where you have to have 2 answers correct to get points.) LLB and her team didn't win, but they had a great time. LLB scored in the top 5 for the individual and HP got second for the individual. She was blown away! She didn't think she did all that well on the test. (We'd come running in from trumpet lessons at the last minute and she took the test while she swilled down her pizza.) After the competition, we took the kids for ice cream. They do this stuff for the snacks!

In between all of those things, I took my school handbell kids to a school festival out in the Shenandoah Valley for a day. They had a great time and made a bunch of new friends. They can't wait to go back next year.

Yesterday we worked in the yard. What a glorious day! We got the wood all stacked, the lawn mowed, and most of the yard chores done. We took a water break and enjoyed watching the hawk circling and playing on the thermals. This, my friends, is why we live in the country. There was no traffic noise, just the birds chirping... Right now, my back door is open and there is a light breeze blowing across my ankles. The birds are singing, the dog is snoring, and my children are still conked out upstairs. My Mr. is working on his computer out on the deck. Life is good.

If only I could sit and enjoy it... I've got to get my rear to church...

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