Sunday, July 11, 2010

Polo Ettiquette

There are 3 sections of seating at polo.  There are the super high priced seats along the rail, the high priced seats where you can pull your car in for tailgating up in back, and the cheap seats on the hill in between the two.
You all know that I'm a cheap seater and proud of it!!!

A friend of ours has a high priced spot up behind where we sit. They pay a LOT of money for their spot.  Last night they weren't there. Some people who paid the cheap seat price put their chairs in my friend's spot. The Polo Police came and shooed them out. We were very glad to see that happen.

Shortly after the Polo Police left, another group of people came and sat on our friend's bench. I was furious! We are very careful not to crowd our friend's spot, sit on her bench, or intrude. To have someone sit on their bench while they are gone just makes me crazy! If you pay for a spot, you get to sit on a bench. If you pay the cheap seat price, you bring your own chair and sit with the rest of us.

LLB was furious as well. She glared at them until they left. Another group of people was on their way to sit on said bench. LLB decided that they were NOT going to take over our friend's spot. She trotted her little self up to their bench and plunked her rear end on it.  One of the people made like they were going to sit with her - we didn't know ANY of these people - and LLB swung her leg up.

She was incensed that someone would think it's okay to take someone else's spot. They could be showing up later. They could be showing up in the next 5 min. Or, they could not be showing up at all. The point is: They paid for their spot. No one should be in their spot unless they've been given permission.  As soon as she was sure that the spot would be vacant for the rest of the evening, LLB came back to her chair in the peanut gallery.... She did, however keep one eye on our friend's spot. 

As she said, "Mom, it's the principle of the thing. They wouldn't mind if we took over their spot, but they know us. They don't know those people and those people don't know them. AND, we would never sit in their spot unless they specifically told us we could."

She's absolutely right!

So - if you go to polo and you pay for the cheap seats - you need to sit in the cheap seats. 


Anonymous said...

Amen, you never take what you don't pay for. In my book that is stealing!

Susan said...

Ah, the "hidden rules" that go with so much of society are simply overlooked by so many who should know better. Good for your LLB for sticking up for the seats!!


Renee Nefe said...

I'm increasingly more disappointed with humans the more I am around them.

Yay for your daughter to defend the spot and the principles of what is right!

we had once where someone hooked up a water hose to my water spigot and was taking my water to work on the house next door. Their "excuse" was they didn't know that anyone was at home. ??? How does that make it any less than stealing?

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Who said...

You have reared your kids with grace and dignity and respect! I have a hard time with students in my class who pick up an object off the floor and think they can claim it! I just don't get that lack of respect for other people's property.