Friday, March 25, 2011

Half Days

I love half days of school!
I don't have to make lunches.
I can just get up, hug the children, and shoo them out the door to school.

Later this afternoon #1 has a scholarship interview at VMI - Mr. is taking him... yippee!!!  We're hoping he does well - because the more money he gets in scholarship funds means the less we have to come up with.  His tuition is covered with is ROTC scholarship, but his room and board is not. For those of you not at the college stage yet, let me put this little bee in your bonnet: Room and board costs more than tuition.

LLB has a rehearsal this afternoon, so she'll need to be picked up later. That gives me time to get #1 out the door for the second time today as well as get some things done for my bell ladies. I might even have time to squeeze a swim in today -- even though it's cold out and my fire is on and it's toasty here. 

The pool is still a big old hole in the ground. We thought they'd come and put the re-bar? in this week, but we had some rain and the guys didn't show. sigh... Let's just say that even if our pool were finished today, I'd not be swimming in it -- it's COLD out there!

I've been quite productive this morning. The bed is made and the dishes are done. The kitchen is clean. I washed 3 windows - insides only -- I'll get to the outsides once it warms up next week.  I've dusted the family room. The laundry is going. Zeb has had his morning treat...  I'd like to get the kitchen floor washed, but with all the mud outside, it just doesn't seem worth it...  It will be all mucky kitty and doggy prints in 30 seconds or less...  Maybe I'll just haul the few remaining Christmas decorations up to the attic - they've been piled in a corner for so long that I don't even see them anymore. Yeah -- that's productive and it's a quick job...  

Have a great weekend! Stay warm!

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