Friday, March 04, 2011


Zippies are the best invention ever!
They are resusable water bottle ID tags.
My kids are on the swim team and in marching band. There are always a bunch of water bottles lined up on the edge of the marching field and on the edge of the pool. They all look the same, but they aren't the same! My kids' germs are different than your kids' germs. I'd rather they not share germs...
Zippies attach to the water bottle so that you can immediately distinguish yours from everyone else's.  There are 10 different animals and more are due to be released shortly.

Of course, you can use Zippies to identify more than water bottles. You can hang it on your keys, put it on your child's favorite stuffed animal, camping equipment, your luggage, and more.  There is a place on the back for you to write a name and a phone number. Perfect!

Here is what they say:  Zippies give kids a fun and easy way to keep track of their stuff while parents rest assured that emergency contact information (last name and parent’s phone number) is with them at all times. Use the rubber loop - or detach it to clip the pal on a key ring. They can even help prevent the spread of germs by identifying water bottles and teach children the importance of being responsible for personal belongings. These kid collectibles can also prevent constant arguments over their belongings.

This little guy is my favorite!  You'll find him hanging on my water bottle.  Check out the other choices.  I'll wait.  See? Aren't they terrific? The tiger? Yeah, he's my other favorite... LLB's, too. He's hanging on her bottle right now.  LLB has mentioned that she'd like to give them to her trumpet section at Band Camp. I think it's a terrific idea! 

Do yourself and your kids a favor. Before summer camps and summer activities start, order some Zippies! You'll make sure your kids comes home with their own items -- including their own germs!

This post was written for Family Review Network & Zippies who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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