Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mini Kitty

Our Mini Kitty isn't so mini anymore but she is still as impish as ever.
She looks innocent enough, but it's all an act. She's simply naughty!
Today it's a raw, cloudy, dank kind of day. She doesn't want to go outside...
What she does want to do is sock hunt.
She finds socks in drawers that are open but a half an inch. She very patiently works them out of the drawers. Once she gets them out, she deposits them in a far more useful place like my kitchen floor or the family room couch.
She found a dirty athletic sock in the laundry basket and has proceeded to deposit that one in the middle of our front stairs. It's far more attractive in that location where everyone can see it.
There are wool socks in the dining room.
There are dress socks in the family room.
There are striped socks in the kitchen and on the upstairs landing.
The list goes on.
I hear her up in LLB's room. She's trying to find a way to get her paw into the top drawer to reach a sock without falling off the dresser. She'll manage. She always does.


Renee Nefe said...

she does look like quite the hunter in that photo. I suppose you could holler at the humans to take better care that their socks are not kitty accessible or do more to block the kitty's access to the socks...or just sigh and pick up the socks.


ChristiH said...

Hilarious! Ben isn't quite that inventive....he's a bag and box man!

Mrs. Who said...

She's just letting you know you aren't the boss of her, lol!