Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pool Progress

Proceeds at a slothlike pace.
Actually, this is a better than a soap opera! We couldn't make this stuff up!

They were supposed to put the concrete around the pool last week, but that didn't happen.  It seems we are at the mercy of the County Inspector. He deemed one item - the grid?? - unacceptable on Wednesday and was supposed to return Friday to approve the re-do.  The pool guys were here late Thursday and did the re-do -- they even showed up at 6:59am on Friday to be sure it was done and done the way the inspector wanted it for his 8am inspection. So much for that! Mr. Inspector did not show up.  at. all. ahem...
Yesterday I sent an email to the Pool People asking about the inspection and this week's schedule - or as we say "this week's pipe dream".  
This is the email I received from our Pool People yesterday:
Good Afternoon,
I was surprised to see your email about the inspection, since I was PROMISED it would be done Friday.  I am now being told they will be out tomorrow, and I will be sure to stay on top of them about it!
We are still on schedule for concrete Wednesday/Thursday, and plaster Friday, with water being hauled in after plaster Friday.

The Saga Continues...
Will #1 get to swim in his pool before he heads off to school on July 5?
Will LLB get to swim in her pool before she heads of to camp on July 14?
Will it be done before Labor Day?
Tune in on Thursday to find out if the concrete has gone in...
See -- I told you -- this is way better than a Soap Opera!


Renee Nefe said...

wow! I would be chewing some building department heads. I'm so lucky in that our building department is awesome here and has enough man power to take care of all the inspections within two business days of the call requesting them. Course passing those inspections is another ball of wax.

marylou said...

We have pond scum..not exactly what we bargained for!