Friday, February 24, 2012

What a waste of time!

LLB's new glasses are in... I got a phone call to that effect.
I picked her up from school and took her to the eye doc's.
She put her new glasses on and they looked terrific. She had a look on her face that told me something wasn't quite right, but the lady said she'd have to get used to them.
We left.
We got on to the highway ramp.
Yes.. the ramp.
The ramp where you can't turn around.
The ramp that to turn on to it has a red light that lasts about 10 minutes... that one.
So - we got on the ramp and she says, "Mom, when I close my right eye, the left eye is blurry."
No problem - we'll just take the next exit.
The next exit is 8 miles up the highway.
We went up 8 miles, turned around, and came back 8 miles.
She told the lady that her left eye was blurry.
The lady checked it...
They didn't make the lens correctly - said it was a computer problem -- can you say TYPO???
It will be another week before she has her glasses.
I sure am glad I didn't send in her current frames!
So -- that trip cost me a half a tank of gas with nothing to show for it.
But when her glasses do come in, she's going to look great!


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It doesn't help you any, but it happened to me about 3 years ago... and I thought I was the only lucky one!