Sunday, October 03, 2021

Stay on your own side!

Mr and I were out and about - a Costco run and dinner. On the way home, part of our drive was on a two lane highway. The speed limit is 45mph. There are some places where you’re allowed to pass - providing nobody is coming… key words: nobody and coming. 

I drive this road a lot and have not had any issues with crazy drivers until these past two times. Some asshat decided that he could pass a long line of traffic - it didn’t matter that I was coming towards him… I understand that it’s the tail end of rush hour, but I’d like to get home, too. I would like to get home in one piece with my car intact. I know… I am so demanding and needy! 

The first time this nonsense happened, I slowed down and stayed in my lane. The oncoming car ended up in the breakdown lane on my side of the road. It was crazy! This time I slowed, but scooted to the right and he slid into a spot on his side of the road just in time. Really?? I don’t need more gray hair! 

So… if you’re out and about, please please do me a favor and stay in your lane. My guardian Angel is busy enough without shenanigans like this! 

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