Thursday, October 14, 2021


I forgot to blog yesterday, but in my defense, I was running all day. I sopped long enough to have a birthday lunch with a dear friend. She gave me the most awesome gifts including a new “magic” puzzle - which I intend to start today. I’ll let you know how it goes. I suspect it will take a while - 1000 pieces and lots of the same color! 

She also gave me a wine thermos to use while I sit on the porch and some cute sox that say “if you can read this, bring me wine!” I love that! 

The new church linens arrived yesterday, so I ironed up the purificators. For the price, they are fantastic! The fair linen had a smudge on it, so I washed it this morning and it is hanging to dry. I’ll iron it later. If 10 years ago you’d have told me I’d be ironing fair linen and making communion hosts, I’d have told you you were nuts! Alas, I have the time and the organizational skills for this, so why not?! 

Ok. I’m off to set up for bells. I’ll catch you all tomorrow! 

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