Wednesday, November 03, 2021


I want to write every day. Heck, I want to crochet, read, cross stitch, and sit on my porch with friends every day. Alas, time is fleeting. Groceries, laundry, bells, and other commitments keep me running. Today I remembered that my inspection sticker said “October 21”. Yes, it is November…oops!  Yes, I went to Toyota this afternoon and remedied that little situation. I could have worked on my crochet project while I was there, but instead, I updated the apps on my phone. Why? Excellent internet connection, of course! 
I am a bit behind on Christmas gift making, but I will catch up. The weather is getting colder, the fire will be on in the wood stove, and I’ll be curled up with my crochet and TV. 
As for writing? I’ll keep trying to find things to write about… I have lots to say, but some of it is whining and some of it is kvetching - and I know you don’t want to read about that! Or maybe you do? Eh- I’ll think about it! 

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