Sunday, November 07, 2021


That moment when you finish writing up the very last minutes you’ll ever take for your HOA. Yep! Celebration time! I will not do that again - ever. It is a thankless job. The position is not appreciated - except by those who have done it. I was the secretary. My dear friend was the president. We served together for many years. We saw the neighborhood through a lot of crazy issues. We did the best we could. We gave hours and hours of time - willingly - for the benefit of the community. 

Today all we heard were complaints. We suggested that those who were complaining the loudest get involved and serve. Yep - you guessed it - no dice. 

Do you know that we got not one public thank you for the years of volunteer service we gave. We got a few lightly veiled (very public) nasty swipes from a couple of people who stayed on. Nothing like being tossed under the bus for something we didn’t do.  They revealed their true colors. 

My dear friend and I are honorable people who try hard, put others first, and are good stewards. A couple of our neighbors came over and told us that we were appreciated, but for the most part I’m pretty disappointed. It will be a long time before we serve in any formal capacity. That said, we will keep on top of things, attend the meetings, and make sure they serve the community properly. 

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