Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No Blog Fodder Here...

I dropped #1 off for band rehearsal last night and had a few hours to kill. (Heaven forbid I go home. LLB was off seeing Hairspray with the Dancing Princess.)

I met Mr. for a quick dinner of Chinese food and then we parted ways. He went off for groceries and then headed home.

I went to my favorite home improvement palace - Home Depot. I wandered the aisles. I heard the rain pounding on the roof and decided to spend a little more time shopping.

I found some brackets. It was easy - pick up the box and move on.
I stopped at the refrigerator clearance. I opened and closed each and every one. I know how to amuse myself.

I went to the wood aisle. I had to find the best 4 pieces.I took them out of the bin one by one and lined them up. When I had about 50 pieces lined up, I picked my four. Just so you know, nothing fell, nothing came crashing down - nothing. It was a totally uneventful event. I was kinda hoping for a domino effect so I'd have something to blog about. Here's the wood:
LLB is going to be busy painting today... Maybe she'll make me some blog fodder.

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