Friday, August 31, 2007

Was it? Or wasn't it?

LLB was asked by a good friend to go to the movies.
The friend happens to be a boy.
They made plans for yesterday after school for various reasons.

He got a chauffeur.
I hired a surveillance crew.

When the young man was asked if the chauffeur was going to chaperone them in the theater, he said, "No, Mom! It's a G rated movie!"

They were picked up at school and driven to the theater in style (in a new vehicle, not a stretch limo -- although the vehicle is big enough that it could actually be considered a stretch limo).

They did their homework before the movie started. I understand from the surveillance information I received, that LLB was very sweet and kept paying the young man complements.

LLB paid for her own ticket. (Because, according to her, she didn't know she wasn't supposed to buy her own ticket.)

They watched the movie. They laughed. They talked. They had a wonderful time - as they always do when they are together.

The chauffeur picked them up after the movie and they stopped for dinner. Again, they laughed and chatted.

The chauffeur drove them to our house. The young man walked LLB to the door. She invited him in for a few minutes. He said his goodbyes and left.

So. You tell me. Was it a date?

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