Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coming Up For Air...

I've been so busy...
I'll fill you all in next week.

Here's a quick synopsis of my life:
Program Chair for Handbell Festival coming up this weekend. All flyers are at printer and should be ready by Wednesday. If not, I will puke!
Handbell Festival this weekend means that my school kids need to be ready to go... planning all of that and having a parent change all my room assignments, decide it was okay for some kids to arrive at midnight, and basically change my plans for me has my knickers in a twist. A big old twist!
My church handbell choir played in church on Sunday - they did great. Played Jazz Pizzicato and Joy & Elation.
Had HOA meeting at our house Sunday afternoon... involved food.
Took formal pix of band kids - two sittings because some of them were ill - and now they all have to be ordered and of course today and only today is free shipping.
New flute hit pavement last night when case opened by itself... It was closed when I put it in there, but somehow it opened. I was NOT happy - could have just cried. Flute is now on the way to the fixit shop.
PTO Chair - meeting this week as in tomorrow. Agenda not made. Going to wing it.
Assistant Principal tried to ask me to sub this week. I said NO.
Proud of me?
You should be.

Catch you all next week.

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