Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knickers Untwisting...

Well, it's amazing what 24 hours - or so - can do!

It seems that I was not the only one who was upset that 3 of our students would be arriving late. It looks like the headmaster got in on the issue and guess what? He didn't like it either.

Part of the problem with these 3 kids arriving late is the drive. It is a long dark deer ridden road which they have to travel. It's one thing to have a parent take the responsibility - a totally different thing to let a very young coach do that.

The coach was trying to make it so the kids could participate in both activities.

Unfortunately she didn't think about the commitment issue. The second part of the problem. The kids committed to the festival back in September. The paperwork went home to the families on the first day of school. I had the registrations in and paid, the hotel reservations made, and chaperones lined up on September 15th.

So, the room assignments have been changed again - I haven't seen the list and right now, I don't much care who is in what room as long as they are all in a room with a parent.

I retrieved my paperwork from the printer yesterday afternoon. It is perfect!

I am only waiting on music to arrive from Jeffers. I will call them at 9 to see where they sent it. I asked them to send it to the house, but I kinda think they sent it to the school. It is probably in the black hole commonly known as: The Mail Room.

The laundry is done. LLB's clothing is in a pile waiting to be packed. I will pack the suitcases later today and be done with it. Tonight, after my PTO meeting, I will pack the car and heave a sigh of relief.

Tomorrow afternoon I will retrieve LLB from school and head to Richmond where I will meet the other volunteers for dinner. We will laugh, we will stuff packets, and we will enjoy the calm before the storm that is Friday. The best part of these events - spending time with people we enjoy but don't get to see very often. My roomie is from North Carolina and I only see her a couple times a year. We usually end up staying up WAY too late talking - and we talk fast! There's a lot to cover in very little time...

The weekend will be a blast! LLB is going to ring with Kath W.'s group and Tim Waugh is the clinician for the event. Tim is the reason she is going to this event. I want her to experience ringing under this phenomenal director.

As I've told her:
It's one thing to be directed by your mom...
It's a whole other thing to be directed by Tim Waugh!

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