Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things Ladybug is Thinking About Today

1. Kids make me crazy...

2. I took the band kids formal pictures LAST Friday. MANY of them didn't show up for me to take their picture.

3. I ran into some of their their parents and mentioned that they didn't come in.

4. It seems their progeny tried to pull a fast one.

5. I am going back in this Friday to take pictures of said progeny.

6. I'm only going because their parents asked me if I would.

7. Did I mention that this is a fundraiser?

8. Did I mention that I don't get anything for doing this besides a giant headache?

9. Speaking of fundraisers... Our band parents sell school spirit wear. It seems we have a monopoly on spirit wear at our school. The principal decides who is going to sell what. The band gets spirit wear. The Athletic Boosters get food. DECA gets draw string bags. Theater has their thing... the list goes on.

10. I arrived at last week's football game to discover that the Athletic Boosters were selling spirit wear IN FRONT of our concession stand. Excuse me??

11. When asked, the principal said that they were seniors. Yah... so? Does that mean that our band seniors can sell food in front of the Athletic Booster concession stand?

12. I think this may warrant a letter to the editor...

13. Anyone wanna help me write it?

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