Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting My Stuff Together

The snacks are in the car.

The music is in the car. Well, the music that arrived anyway. It seems that I am 9 copies short for one piece because that piece is back ordered. I have the original receipt from the supplier with me and I've written in ink on the rehearsal copies that that piece is back ordered. It took me a month to get the first 10 copies. It will probably take me until spring to get the next 9.

The box of things from the printer is in the car.

The suitcase is packed - for the most part. Toothbrushes and hairbrushes and a couple of last minute items - like the pair of pants that are in the wash have to go in.

The PTO meeting went well. I have the email version of the newsletter ready to go.

The camera is charging.

I guess you could say that I'm almost ready...

The poop did hit the fan again yesterday - it seems that the coach is upset that these 3 girls are going to miss the sports banquet. She was so upset that she swore at my DOM. My boss is classy, though, and didn't give her what she deserved. She was gracious and told the coach that music is an academic subject for which these girls receive a grade and that if they miss the rehearsal, they will be behind for the rest of the event. The coach could care less... typical - if you ask me... The head of the Athletic Department wants the girls to go with us. I find that refreshing. He told the DOM that the girls could be honored at another time. That this banquet is really no big deal.

Yesterday afternoon the DOM came to us and asked us how far we wanted her to take this thing on principle. I threw my hands up. I really don't care.. but, they aren't kids from my class. The other teacher is going to fix their boats. She is re-assigning their bells!! They will be assigned to bells that don't ring often. They are not going to be rewarded for missing a rehearsal. She's slick!! It's an excellent solution.

Watching this unfold is almost better than a soap opera!

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