Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter, etc.

Our day was lovely, relaxing, and filling... I'm still stuffed! 
I can hear the apple pie calling me from Gram's fridge and I think I may have to just give in and go get a piece... It's the last thing I need, but I can't let it go to waste, can I??

LLB and I went to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon. It was such a good movie!  We loved the prosthetics - both for the dragon and the boy... We are into this stuff, as you all know my dear friend Julie has a super dooper (somewhat bionic) leg complete with an ankle that moves!  We enjoyed the movie immensely.

Today it's back to the grind for me with school and bells, but at least I'm not back to 8th grade!  The kids go back tomorrow. I'm sure that the alarm going off at 5:45am will be a rude awakening... bwahahahaha!!!

I have a question for all of you - Do you talk through the prelude at church? What do you see the purpose of the prelude being? Is it a time to prepare for worship? Is it a time to sit and listen to the music? What is the prelude to you? It's just a question to which I'm soliciting answers. There is no right or wrong answer - I'm just curious.


grambug said...


Most churches I've attended expect you to be respectful of the sanctuary and prepare yourself for the worship service when you enter.

Idle conversation is not condoned in the sanctuary!

In fact it's printed in their church bulletins.

I am imperfect and plead guilty to an occasional quick quiet chat in the sanctuary with friends, before the service starts!

That being said, when the first note of the prelude begins, it's the signal the service has started
and time to end all conversation.

To me, the prelude is a reminder that you are in God's house and it's time to silently concentrate on His work.

Renee Nefe said...

well for our family we are usually in quiet meditation for the prelude, however, many others in our Church visit and will visit with us as well which we don't discourage.

currently we don't have much music for our Church and we don't have a true Church building so it seems that everyone is pretty relaxed about our services. We did hire a pianist for Easter and our Flutist played a few solos for Holy Week.

Ellen said...

Our church organist plays an introduction as people enter but we don't get quiet until the minister or worship leader steps up and welcomes everyone.
After that is any opening special music or bells, what-have-you.

We are a small, talkative church!

What I'd like to know is do you expect people to clap when you play. I was brought up to see the music as belonging to the glory of God, not the players, so we (as a family) don't applaud. I'm thinking of bringing this up to the worship commitee.

marylou said...

Ellen's comment about clapping caught my attention. I feel it alters the tenor of the service. I have no musical gifts so don't know if that colors my opinion. Perhaps you should ask those who are part of the service
if they expect or want applause!

Ladybug Crossing said...

Those performing would prefer no applause.
But once in a while spontaneous applause after a particularly rousing and well played piece is kind of cool...