Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Right Out Straight

Busy is my middle name.
I've been to a handbell festival, saw half of the school play, went to the ribbon outlet and the grocery store, had a birthday party for LLB, made 48 cupcakes, had a bell rehearsal, taught my class, and subbed for Civics - I've done all of this since last Thursday.
The car still has stuff in it, but I'll get that shrapnel out today -- maybe.
But there is no rest for the wicked - I've got to get my swim in, pick up LLB so she can get her new eyeglasses, and go to a band meeting.
So - I'll be "out of pocket" today...
That sounds so officially cool - except it's so incredibly geeky I can't stand myself!


Jane said...

Well, try to work in a little breathing if you can!!! I remember the days of rushing here and there with my kids and all their activities and mine. It can wear you out!!!!

Susan said...

You ARE busy!! I usually am too...but notice myself hitting walls more as I get older. That's NOT a good thing.