Saturday, May 22, 2010

That Cat!

Wow! I've not posted  here in a while... I wonder what that's done to my readership.

I've been busy subbing, making posters, playing word games with my sister, being a band mom, and generally not keeping up with much around here.
That's life, I guess.

It's been kind of hard to think of things to write about - until this morning.

I was in dreamland - on the bleeding edge of sleep and awake...
I could hear Mini Kitty getting into trouble...
It's one of those distinct sounds that you just can't describe... kinda like silence and scratching all at the same time.  She is worse than a toddler - she just gets into mischief... She can't help it.
I opened my eyes to find her on top of Mr.'s dresser with her paw reaching into his sock drawer.
I watched as she reached in to his barely open sock drawer. She slowly pulled out one sock at a time (this took some doing as the drawer was barely open), inspected it, and dropped it on the floor.
She watched each sock float to the floor before she went for the next one...
Eventually, she caught me watching her.
She paused - sock in claw.
She looked at me as if to say, "Umm... Yeah... Um... This isn't a sock..." as she quickly let the last one go.
She abandoned her sock quest and hopped down. 
(There is now a pretty decent sized pile of Mr. socks in front of his dresser which I left there for him to find.)

That cat!

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Renee Nefe said...

what a stinker!