Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mittens and Stuff

I love to crochet.  These are a few of blankets I've made for some special recipients.  The top is a very special brown blanket that took forever. I made it out of Simply Soft by Caron. The yarn is lovely, but it was a pain to work with. This was a gift for a special couple to celebrate their wedding.

The middle is actually a denim blue color - I made it for my #1. He requested a blue blanket for Christmas. It did not photograph well at midnight when I took the picture. I was so excited that I'd finished it, that I just snapped the picture and posted it to FB. :)

This blanket was made for my husband's nephew's baby in Canada. It is soft and snuggly and the recipient and her family love it. 

Mittens are my favorite thing to make. They are useful, warm, they work up rather quickly, and are really nice looking - if I do say so myself.

The chunky yarn works up great. The recipients always seem happy with these.

I love the mohair. They are so soft and warm. I kept this pair for myself. I usually end up giving all my mittens away as gifts. I'd love to sell my mittens, but I am sure no one would want to pay for the time it takes to make these.

I also enjoy crocheting for the younger set. These sweaters are simply adorable! I really enjoy the challenge of making them and watching them turn out. :)

The red, yellow, and white sweater was made for a VMI Alumni baby. It works for boys or girls.

This was for a Citadel Alumni baby.  It is just as cute, but since it is Citadel...

I like to make scarves that are delicate but warm. These are both mohair. The recipients were most pleased. :)

I'm currently working on a taupey/beigey/mushroomy colored shawl for the Prayer Shawl Group at the church.  I like to watch the project grow.  I just have to remember to take a picture when I finish it...

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