Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sunshine, snow, and bitter cold

This is what the front yard looks like this morning. It is deceptively lovely.

I can guarantee you that I'm not ready for any of the predicted weather except the sunshine part. Now, 75 and sunny with low humidity -- I'm all over that!  We don't have much snow - unlike my dear friends in New England and I'm fine with that.   What I'm not fine with is temps that are supposed to drop like a stone to below zero. I live in the south - where cold is supposed to be 40, not -10. 

I'm off to Prayer Shawl today. I think I'll start a shawl or a lap robe today and finish it during the VMI Parents Council Meeting on Saturday. The room is notoriously cold and if I'm working on a larger item, it will keep me warm. See? I'm always thinking. 

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