Friday, February 20, 2015

Shh... Don't tell...

It's me, Mini.
They are off to VMI and mom left her computer on. She thinks we don't know how to surf the web! Ha! If they only knew the porn sites we surf: Animal Planet and Petco are the best! Heck we felines know how to work the TV, too. They think we spend our days curled up asleep when they aren't home. We will continue to let them think that. This is our little secret, ok?

I've only got a little time to type this up. It seems the #1 son will be arriving home shortly. I need time to go collect some socks and spread them in the hallway. Mom loves it but it irritates the heck out of Dad. He doesn't like his socks touched. I choose each sock carefully. Sometimes I take them from the dirty laundry and sometimes - when I get the urge - I open the sock drawers and choose from there because it's more of a challenge and the socks aren't smelly.

These snowy days have me cooped up in the house and I'm kinda starting to lose it. There is just not enough cat nip in this house to keep me calm. I need to get outside and chase some rodents! Yeah, I chase 'em for about 10 steps, and then it's nap time. I really need some warm weather so I can get back to my afternoon nap by the pool. This napping on their bed all day is getting really old -- even if their bed is very comfy.

I am even beginning to think that Zeb is starting to go stir crazy. He asks to go out and then proceeds to sit out there on the pool deck with his butt in the snow. In.the.snow. That stuff is cold! I touched it with my paw once. I will not to that again -- that stuff is worse than plain old nasty water.

Oo... I just noticed some papers they left on the counter. They are pristine and need to be munched and shredded. I love to shred paper. Napkins shred the best... I'm just sayin. Hmm... I wonder if we have full toilet paper rolls. Let me check... Why yes, yes we do. I think those need to be unrolled while I have the time.

Ok - well, I've got chores to do before the boy gets home. The best part -- he won't notice anything. He will just whip up some mac and cheese, turn on the TV, and settle in. I'm golden until Mom gets home.

Mini - out.

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Renee Nefe said...

Hi Mini, your mom keeps posting all these super cute photos of you and we find it so hard to believe all your antics but when you go confessing...well now we know.