Sunday, March 01, 2015

Calm Down!

Oh please... if I get that by voice or in print from either one of my offspring ever again, I'm going to reach through the electronic device and throttle them.

When our children are on the road - whether driving themselves or being driven by someone else -- by either an "old" person or a contemporary - we worry. We don't fret, but we are concerned. We are worried about the other crazies who are going too fast for the conditions, we are worried that the driver may be getting tired, we are worried that it's dark and hard to see -- and the list goes on. We don't fret, but we do watch the clock and wait for the text that says they are where they are going.

Unfortunately, sometimes our offspring don't realize that we aren't fretting. We are just wondering how things are going. They find it irritating and tell me to "Calm Down". And this is when I wish a child just like them on them. (My sincere apologies to their future spouses.)  And I secretly hope that someday - maybe, just maybe - they'll call me and tell me they get it.

Until then, I'll work on finding a way to reach through those electronic devices and throttle them.

FYI: I was always calling my parents and telling them I got where I was going - on someone's house phone because that's all we had. To this day, I make sure my parents know where I am -- because I know they don't fret, but they do worry. (I can honestly say that FB has been a godsend. I post my location and road conditions if they are bad, and they know where we are and when we should walk in the door.)  


Renee Nefe said...

I am the same. and usually she forgets to call or text me that she's there. One time she had a co-worker text me because she forgot. sigh
She isn't driving yet (doesn't want to) so I can't take her keys.

marylou said...

My girls were really good about calling when they got 'there' wherever 'there' was..and they had to locate a land line!
That was my really "big thing", call me when you get there..or else! There will be considerable consequences,
no excuses.Put a post it note on your dash/door/ forehead...whatever it takes. I don't want to age in place worrying about is what it is!

marylou said...

I remember LadyBug threatening to confiscate the car keys,and put #1 son back on the 'Cheese Wagon' if he 'forgot' to call! It was a 20 mile ride to school..cause for concern for any mother!

marylou said...

My kids are no longer "kids" but they still let me know where they are and when they expect to get where they are going... when they are traveling! It's a huge stress reliever especially in bad weather. It's also smart..since they quite often travel alone. I have a clue where they were last if they come up missing...I know the approximate ditch,rest stop, or restaurant to start my search ;-) The Grans are not quite as conscientious but they also do a really good job. They are usually not driving alone which is of course.....a good thing!