Tuesday, June 26, 2018

More Chores...

I’ve finished my 30 minutes and 4000 steps on the treadmill and had my breakfast of yogurt, a banana, vitamins and orange juice. Next up - dishes. Dishes and laundry are simply never ending.
Today I’ll be vacuuming, dusting, washing floors, ironing drapes, and starting to organize my yarn stash. I have a LOT of yarn and I need to figure out how and where to store it when we start the renovation. I’ll still need to get to it, but I certainly don’t want it full of dust.
Yesterday I cleaned and wiped down as much of the garage as I possibly could. I washed the garage bay doors, the windows, the cabinets, the central vac, and a bunch of bins. I went through a whole bottle of windex and a roll and a half of paper towels. Gross is an understatement, but it looks a whole lot better now! When the ozone machine arrives later today, I’ll run it to get any residual stink out of the garage. I’m very interested to see if it really works. According to a friend in the real estate business, it works like magic... I certainly hope so!
LLBs cats are slowly adjusting to life here. Leo is still wanting to hide. Mischief, on the other hand, is quite a little explorer. He is so much fun!
Ok... I’d best get moving...

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