Friday, June 15, 2018

Paint, etc...

We are finally going to renovate our house.

Did you know that when you renovate your house, you practically have to move out if it - especially if you are installing hardwood floors. Hardwood? You ask... yes... the carpet on the stairs and upstairs is original to the house - circa 1986. Yes, it is the color of dirt. Yes, I hate it. Yes, I have hated it since the day we moved in back in 2004. I’m really looking forward to hardwood floors. I am not, however looking forward to moving everything that is upstairs out of there. Every.little.thing.

So, since we are doing that, we may as well redo the bathrooms that are also circa 1986. I’m going for white subway tiles in the shower and tub areas. I’m considering gray on the floors, but I may go white and black... I need a timeless look. I’ve got some time, so I’ll think about it some more.

Paint... oh paint... picking wall colors is hard. I thought I’d go gray in the laundry room. And white in the kitchen... and then I thought maybe a creamy taupey something everywhere else... I’m still thinking...

You got ideas?
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