Friday, May 07, 2021

Friday Fourteen

 Since I missed Thursday, let’s do a Friday 14. 

Fourteen things I’m thinking about today. 

1. Mini has ear drops - she needs them for 10 days. She did well yesterday. Let’s see how she tolerates this tonight... 

2. The pool is open. 

3. It seems chlorine is in short supply this year. I got a thing that’s supposed to help me use less chlorine, stop algae, and generally keep my pool sparkling. It arrives today. I’ll let you know how it works. 

4. I’m really glad I purchased a bucket of chlorine at the end of last year. 

5. Jimmy came and painted the shutters. The house looks so good now! 

6. The permitting process for the front porch is in progress. I’m very excited to get the porch on the front of the house! 

7. Jimmy is going to paint the pergola black, take out the columns, wrap (and trim out) the posts and paint them black. It’s going to look fantastic. Maybe the wood bees will go away once we do that. 

8. Need a handyman? You can have Jimmy once he’s finished at my house. 

9. I’m a delegate for Virginia. I get to vote tomorrow. 

10. We are going to lunch on the way home. I’m spending my Mother’s Day gift certificate from #1 and Yellow Rose. 

11. We might even hit the dump tomorrow, too! Yes, we live large! 

12. I have a screen to repair. I’ll attempt that this afternoon. 

13. LLB is off meeting her beau’s mom this weekend. This trip was supposed to happen at Christmas, but was postponed for one reason or another. All I know is, I had them for Christmas and I was so happy! 

14. We are blessed. 

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