Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Window washing and more…

I forget how many windows are in this house. Yesterday Mr and I washed 26 windows and 4 patio doors and we aren’t even close to being done. I’ll think about tackling some more this afternoon. I’ve got 5 patio doors and at least 17 windows left… fortunately they tilt.

Our kitchen window needs a new tilt shoe. That requires a trip to Home Depot to find out if I can even order them. (If I can, I’ll order 25 just to make sure that I have them when I need them.)  If not, I’ll fight with what I have to make it work… I think a new shoe unit would be easier and simpler in the end… 

I decided to go with yellow for an accent color for the front piazza. I love red and blue, but I really needed a pop of color out there. I’m still looking for things to put out there but it’s a start, right? 

We spent most of Saturday afternoon power washing the patio furniture for the pool deck.  (I put my yellow boots by the door when we finished and I think I’m going to leave them there!) 

We finally invested in an outdoor rug. The colors match the colors in the awning. (Look at me go!) Now it looks like grownups actually live here. Yes, we are easily impressed! Check it out! 

We moved some of the other patio furniture around. Change is hard, but change is good. I think it looks welcoming out there now. If we can get the pool temperature up a bit, we might actually swim! Once the pool filter is fixed, we will consider power washing the pool deck. At the moment, we are happy the pool is blue and clear and we do NOT want to accidentally put any dirty water in there. 

The landscapers are coming soon. They will primp up the vegetation back here, and it will be lovely. They will also redesign the front piazza garden - which is full of stuff that looks like weeds and the pink roses my mother loved (and that the deer perpetually eat). If they can keep the roses and put in something more manageable, I’m all for it. If the roses need to go, that’s ok too. We are in need of gardens that don’t require a lot of work or weeding. I was not blessed with my father’s green thumb, nor with his desire to be outside primping the plantings. 

We are hoping the front porch construction will start soon. The county permit office has its own schedule, so patient is what I need to be right now. I’m finding that difficult… alas, I’ve got a lot of deep cleaning and prepping to do before my reunion party… that will keep me busy and keep my mind off the porch. 

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