Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Porch Prepping

I’m having this reunion at the end of July and I want my house and yard to look nice. I have painted the chairs and milk cans. I painted the bistro set. I dug out the little table and chairs and refinished them. They came out adorable. 

But I have a lot of space to fill and I’m adding the front porch. The big question is how do I decorate it all? I have lots of chairs - we will be cleaning those up this weekend and painting the ones that are faded. 

At the moment, I think I’ll put the bistro set on the new front porch. I’m building a surround for the A/C unit that’s on the piazza. I think I’ll get 2 new rockers for the front porch so I can leave the ones I have where they are. I’d like to put the milk cans on the front porch to keep them out of the weather. So, that leaves an empty area even emptier… 

And then there’s the pool deck… as I said before, I have lots of chairs. I have 2 tables. I have a rug coming next week, but if it arrives and I hate it, I will need to start over. I want it to look welcoming… right now, everything looks empty! LoL! 

I’ll figure something out… stay tuned! 

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