Sunday, December 12, 2021


Mr wanted to get the Christmas cards done today. Please note that we have been married for 32 years and this is the first year he helped me get them out. Now he does help me write the letter - if we send one with the cards, but we were too busy to do that this year! (He is working almost 24/7 at the moment.) He asked what goes into getting the cards out - umm… I start with updating the mailing labels and printing… he went to make sure we had enough gas for the chainsaw and propane for the grill… so, I did that. 

Next we find out if we have enough cards. He was still checking propane or email or something… Umm… I need to get more, but for this year, we had just enough - some people are getting the ASPCA free cards that come in the mail… Please note: If we see you on FB or in person - sorry, no card for you this year. We love you, but desperate times call for desperate measures! I’ll restock the cards after Christmas and if postage isn’t even higher than it is this year, you might get a card next year.

He returned from his chores and asked what he could do to help get the cards out - he signed each and every one of them. No hand cramps for me this year! Woo! I addressed them, stamped them, and sealed them. He will deposit them in the mailbox tomorrow morning. 

Well, 32 years and we can say we’ve finally done the cards together… I hope he decides to help next year, too! We had some laughs, some fun chatting, and neither of us got a paper cut. I’d call that a success. Spending time with each other is our favorite thing to do. Being productive while spending time is fun, too! Being productive while spending time that doesn’t involve hard labor - now that’s my kind of fun! As much as I love splitting wood, addressing cards is far less taxing.

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