Tuesday, December 07, 2021

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ALL  I  SEE  IS  CONFUSION                      

THE  GREEN  NEWS                                        

DECEMBER 2021   Trying to understand this world and what’s going on in America is confusing to say the least. Where are we headed? All I can sayis we have reached the end of normal. Nothing appears normal anymore. Nothing makes sense any more. Take the word “family”. It once meant a man and a woman getting married and raising children together. They call it the nuclear family. It’s out of style today. Now anything goes. 

It makes no sense.

All nations have borders. America has borders too but refuses to control our border with Mexico. Our own government refuses to enforce our laws on immigration. Millions of people have crossed our Southern Border illegally. Our government pays no attention. 

This makes no sense.

On his first day in office Pres. Biden started undoing EVERYTHING Pres. Trump had done. It was like watching a mad kid get back at his playmate. Pres. Trump made America energy independent. Pres. Biden made America energy dependent. We don’t control the price anymore. 

Does this make sense?

The Biden Administration offers their “Green New Deal” to save the world from Climate Change. We have 15 coal-fired power plants. They are all planned for shutdown. Europe has 468 coal-fired power plants and plans 27 more. India has 589 coal-fired power plants and plans to build 446 more. Japan has 90 and plans 45 more. China has 2363 coal-fired power plants and plans 1,171 more. 

Does the “Green New Deal” make sense without the rest of the world joining in? And science has not proven that climate change is caused by man.

We are a socially confused country. The Wokeism movement seeks to cancel history. They literally want to erase all knowledge of history. Then we would never see the failures of communism and socialism. Also there is Critical Race Theory (CRT). It states all whites are racist. And everyone else is oppressed. We have Deep Equity Process. Here our schools work to have equal outcomes for everyone. I wonder if this applies to NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball players

It makes no sense.

Another program in vogue is transgenderism. It eliminates sex, sort of. According to this we are not born male or female. The gear we carry doesn’t matter. What matters is how you feel. You decide if you are male or female or something else. And you can change that anytime you want. The boy in Northern Virginia was born a boy, decided he was a girl and was allowed to use the girl’s bathroom. Then he decided he was a boy when he sees a girl in the girl’s bathroom and raped her. 

This whole thing makes no sense.

How did we get to this state of confusion? Let me offer my thoughts: Our Founding Fathers believed in God and the Judeo-Christian value systems. They believed in a God who Created all things. And that we are responsible to God who gave us Commandments to live by. He also gave us Free Will to accept or reject Him. And we have a Conscience, a sense of right and wrong. We have been running away from God. We are replacing God with man’s imperfect government. 

We have lost our values, the values that worked so well for us.Man’s wisdom cannot come close to God’s wisdom. By rejecting God we put ourselves into a constant state of confusion. This confusion will continue until we rediscover God. Christmas is a good time to rediscover God and His plan for us.  

John Green

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