Thursday, December 30, 2021

Time ticks on…

 I cannot believe that it is almost New Years! I had every intention of writing here for Christmas, but that didn’t happen. I got involved with a bunch of other things. Shocking, I know… 

Let me catch you all up. 

LLB arrived on Christmas Eve with her pie pans and her pie recipes. She made two amazing pies: Chocolate mocha mousse pie with Kahlua whipped cream - amazing as always and Angel-food pie - light and fluffy and it tasted like angel food cake only lighter! 

We went to church that night and sang in the choir - we all did a fine job even if we weren’t as angelic sounding as we’d have liked. 

The next morning brought pie for breakfast and presents! Santa was very good to all of us - we certainly are blessed. We got to chat with #1 and Yellow Rose for a few minutes. Her family spent time with them at their house and it seems they enjoyed what we sent. 

LLB got a wooden submarine model in puzzle form which we attempted to put together while drinking Bloody Mary’s and mimosas. The submarine is adorable and we did an admirable job considering we didn’t realize glue was required and how many thousands of pieces the thing actually had! 

This week has been relatively quiet. We helped our new priest get and stack some firewood and clear some fallen trees from his yard. It was fun to spend time and help a friend. Yesterday I did some laundry, and helped a different friend work on organizing her craft space. Today I made some biscotti, made a meatloaf for dinner, made some cheese crisps for tomorrow night, and I started a lap blanket. 

Tomorrow we are spending the day with the wood splitter and chainsaw taking care of some of the fallen trees down by the street. It is supposed to be 60 degrees - perfect weather to be out in the yard. Then for New Year’s Eve, we will head to a friend’s home to celebrate - no worries, I suspect we won’t make midnight and will be home and in our feet pajamas before the ball drops! 

As the New Year approaches, we are thankful for all the blessings we receive, our health, our family, and our dear friends. We pray for a healthy and safe new year for all. 

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