Friday, May 05, 2006

Ahhh --- Friday...

It's Friday!

Let me update you on my life.

I went to MommaK's yesterday. We had every intention of removing all the "lovely" wallpaper from 3 bathrooms. 2 small baths and one extra large. We started in the extra large bath and we are still there. How much wallpaper can people use in a bathroom? Let me tell you - a whole lot!! As each piece came down, the place looked better and better. I hope to get back over there soon to help her get the rest down.

Mr. Bug came home with a printer! Yippeee!! He is a good man!

I got a call a couple of days ago from the Drama Club teacher. He needed help making sets. I couldn't make it but Mr. Bug said he'd go and help out. Yesterday when he arrived, the teacher asked him to make a bench. Ha ha ha!!! Mr. Bug is not Norm, nor is he Tom, and he is certainly not Bob Vila. Anything Mr. Bug builds is not fit for humans to be around never mind sit on. Mr. Bug explained this. They decided to give him a staple gun and simple tacking tasks - a much safer option for all involved. The safest option would have been papier-mache or painting...

Tomorrow is another busy day at The Crossing. #1 Son has a band thing in the morning. I am helping out from 8:30 until noon. It is one of those painless jobs where you check people in. I love those jobs! In the afternoon we are going to a rollerskating birthday party - Little LadyBug and her dear friend are joining forces and having a combined birthday party. A good time is guaranteed! Will I skate? Ummm... yup. Will I fall? I hope not... it's a long way down.

Today I was going to go to my Jazzercise class. I think I'm going to stay home to plant those poor plants and paint the door. After that, I'm off to my volunteering at the library. They haven't hired a new Page to shelve the books yet, so I'm it. I just can't leave the two weekend ladies with dozens of carts of books to shelve. I'll give them an hour of my time - that should help ease the load.



MaR said...

Busy, busy Lady Bug. How cool is that, you can go over to your blog friend? or have you been friends even before you started blogging? I think it is great! ;)

Katherine said...

Good luck with skating! You are so nice to shelve the books for the other library ladies!

Anonymous said...

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