Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Memories and A Perfect Post

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about My Trip to The Vet?

I went to the vet last week.
That sounds so mundane...
Well, to get to the vet I had to catch 2 cats who flee at the mere sight of the carriers. We are getting smarter in our old age. Mr. Bug and I each grabbed a cat and put it in the bathroom before we got the carriers out. Aren't we brilliant??

It is brilliant until you remember that to put the cats in the carriers you have to get them out of the bathroom - one at a time. To reach the cats you have to open the door wide enough for them to escape. They have two methods - 1. by running through your legs or 2. by jumping over your head (because you thought they were on the floor waiting to escape but instead they were on the washing machine) Therefore, they really are smarter than you are.

So we go to put Marmalade in the crate. He doesn't really want to go in there. He puts all 4 paws out just like the cartoon. He struggles. We sweat. It takes 2 of us to get him in there, but we win.

Time to get Angel. She's a little tougher. She's got claws and she knows how to use them. She also has no intention of getting in that crate. She pulls the same stunt with the paws, but as I mentioned, she has claws. She hangs on to the edge of the crate with those. She hangs on tight. She hisses. We are sweating even more. We finally get her in there. She is angry. I certainly hope the vet will help me get her back in there after...

We load the crates into the car. Marmalade starts to cry a long melodramatic meeeooooowwwwww. He does it all the way to the vet. I laugh. I think it is funny. I am covered in cat hair. I am sweaty. My cat is crying... The other one joins in. I am hysterical when I pull into the vet... And I wonder why they put me in that little tiny room....


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Jane said...

Oh the memories this envokes! Our cat, Boxer, HATES to go to the vet. I don't have a carrier, so I just hold him on my shoulder and drive to the vet (when we go, which is not often). The last time I took him the vet had to treat him for a stopped up urethra. He was there overnight and they had to put him in a plastic box and pipe in a sedative before they could treat him!!
The vet said he would be willing to come to our house the next time our cat needs a shot!! He's THAT difficult!

Just Nancy said...

The cat thing sounds painful. DH is allergic so we don't have to deal with anything like that. Our guinea pigs go to the vet in their cages!

My memory is up, too.

Just D said...

ROFLOL! We find we can capture the cat in a pillowcase and then unceremoniously dump them out into the upturned crate... at the vet the cat has to be turned upside down and shaken back OUT of the crate and is only too willing to climb back in once the indignities have been performed. Yes, cat hair sure sticks to sweat doesn't it? on our cross country trip, the cats stopped yowling as soon as they were out of the crates and they Never tried to jump out of the car when we would stop.

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Well I can certainly understand this post Lady Bug. Would you mind stopping by this Friday morning and helping me with Mr.Simon? I have already tried a few weeks ago to get him to the vet for his shots. He is a siamese, beautiful but ALL muscles!! He gave me so much trouble the last time that I called the vet and said, "Forget it". Well I have another appt. this Friday morning. I am going to put him on the front enclosed porch and take a BIG towel and cover him up. WISH me good tidings..remember he is all muscle and can push against the cat carrier with more force than you can imagine!!!

WendyWings said...

Once our cat released her entire bladder on my while sitting on my knee wrapped in a blanket on her way to the vet, fun times !!

Thanks for stopping by the auditions the results are now up :)

Katherine said...

Oh God! Just did this last week with my two cats and ALONE since husband has already moved to VA. He WILL pay. I get the carriers out TWO days before a vet appt. and just leave them in the family room so the cats get used to seeing them. Then the day of the appt. I covertly turn them vertical so the opening is pointing up. Then I grab them one at a time and dump them in head first. I also have to listen to LOUD complaints in the car, lol

Anonymous said...

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