Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Annoyed About

1. I tried to post a WW yesterday and Booger wouldn't take it...

2. Children/people who can't stop talking long enough to watch a performance.

3. Sales calls during dinner.

4. Children who pick on other children just because they are different/smart/funny/motivated.

5. Behr paint. It is horrid.

6. It's raining...

7. English teachers who can't spell or form a complete coherent sentence.

8. Children who don't do what they are supposed to do and then wonder why there are consequences.

9. Students who think the other class is more advanced.... Ha! Wait until they find out how good the had it... :-)

10. Funding that doesn't appear in time to purchase a great set of gently used handbells for 1/2 the price of a new set.

11. I have to drive 40 min. to an orthopaedist because my insurance company doesn't have a prefered doctor anywhere closer.

12. Laundry - why doesn't it ever all get done?

13. And, to top it all off, it's raining.

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Katherine said...

So with you about #4!! Also, Behr paint - I found out the hard way - don't use it! I hope you discovered this after not too much painting. I LOVE Sherwin Williams, satin finish. I was told Sears Dutchboy is the same thing (paints even have the same color names) but it is much cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Great list. It's raining here today too. I totally agree with most of your items. :)

My TT is up.

Anonymous said...

#7 drives me crazy too. I worked under a teacher who would constantly mispronounce words all the time and she would expect her students to pronounce them like she did.

Susan said...

Oh, I SO understand so many of these...#2 is really taking a new life of its own in our society, isn't it??? I hate going to public events these days because of "rude listeners". My TT is up.

Happy Mama to Three said...

Great TT, mine are up if you have a chance, I am still trying to get through everyone. *laughs*