Sunday, February 11, 2007


It's a happy day at The Crossing!

Both children were confirmed this morning. The Bishop came out to our tiny church to confirm them, so it was extra special. I often wonder - as I did this morning while I watched the Bishop place his hands on their heads to bless them - What will they be when they grow up. What will they do? Where will they go? I know that they are in God's hands and He will take care of them. I need not worry. They have taken the next step in their faith walks. They are on the right path...

It was really cool to see #1 and LLB side by side at the rail, heads bowed, looking so sweet and sincere. She - my old soul - with her insight and wisdom... He - my serious student and awesome musician - my Mr. Pious... Well, almost, but not quite... I know the real boy lurking beneath that jacket and tie!

On another note...

I have a confession to make.
I'm a mean nasty Mommy.
My children did not put their school things away like I asked them to do at least 20 times before they went to bed last night. I took both backpacks and #1's saxophone and hid them. (Mr. helped my carry their crap to the designated hiding spot.) I am sick and tired of tripping over their stuff!
When #1 got home from church he went looking for his sax. He couldn't find it.
I played stupid. "What did you do with it?", I asked.
"I put it in my room."
"Really... are you sure? If you put it in there, it should be there, right?"
"Yes. I know I did. Well, maybe it's in your car."
"It's not in my car. My car is empty. Ask Dad if he has seen it."
I grin just like the old Grinch as the boy walks off to find the Mr.
Mr. Bug proceeds to pitch a pretend hissy fit...
"What do you mean you don't know where your sax is?"
"Dad it's here. I just don't know where. I think I might have left it in your car."
"No - you left in in the family room. You really need to take better care of your things and put them away when you get home. Mom will show you where it is."
He arrives in the kitchen looking perplexed...
Let shed some light so the poor child can see the error of his ways...
"See this pile of laundry? You told me you would take it up last night when you went to bed." I grin. I'm really enjoying making the kid sweat...
"I didn't take it up. Sorry."
"You also didn't take up your sax. I tripped on it 3 times."
"I'm sorry. I procrastinated. I shouldn't procrastinate. I'll try not to let it happen again."
Such big words...
Alas, I let him off the hook. I think he may think twice before he leaves his stuff in my way... and if he doesn't - I have a new and improved hiding place lined up!!


Uisce said...

congratulations on the confirmations!

Unknown said...

I once read that our little angels need to be told something 2000 times before they finally hear it. Out job is so tough.

Clearlykels said...

Ms. Bug is fogetting to mention that it was actually a houseful that received the Bishps blessing. It was a beautiful sight. Ha Ha-- I love that you hid #1's stuff. Looks like he learned his lesson.

Katherine said...

Congratulations! Probably a better solution than my father-in-law's which was to throw everything out on the front lawn that was not picked up when he asked for it to be picked up. Maybe you want to mention that to your kids next time they think you're mean...:)