Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pillow Talk

Here's a Marmalade story for you...

LLB's room has been spotless for the past week - this is a miracle people, so work with me on this.

I keep finding Marmalade curled up asleep on her pillow. No matter when I go in there, he's happly ensconced on her pillow. He looks so happy there.

Last night when LLB went to bed, he was perched on her pillow. He gave her the look that said, "Lady. I'm sleeping right here. Do NOT move me. I am happy here."
She sighed and settled for a corner of her pillow.
In the middle of the night she woke up to find that she was not on her pillow. Nor was she anywhere near her pillow. Marmalade was curled up right in the center of her pillow smiling in his sleep.
She rolled over to face him.
"Marmalade, wake up."
He opened his eyes and lifted his head and looked right at her.
"Marm, this is my bed and THIS is MY pillow."
"Why, yes, LLB it is. LLB, this is a very comfy pillow, by the way. I love it and this flannel snowman pillowcase is so soft and snuggly!"
"Yes. I know. Marm, move over and give me some pillow."
"Ummm.... no. I'd rather not. I'm very happy right here."
"Marm, I share my bed with you every night. I share my pillow with you and you know that nobody else in this house would let you near their pillows with that hideous fish breath of yours. Just give me some space, k?"
"Hmmm... no. I'm comfy and warm right here. It's cold on that side of the pillow."
"Marm, you're nuts. Just move over, please..."
"Make me."
"Okay." She moved him over and promptly fell asleep.
Marmalade sighed... It was just a matter of time.
He waited until she was asleep and he tiptoed back to the top of her head. He curled up in her warm blonde hair.
"Ahhh.. this is lovely..." And he very gently pushed her off the pillow.

Score: Marmalade 1 LLB 0


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing a heartwarming story.

Susan said...

That's too funny!! I had a cat like that once, too. They just take up residence where they want to...and NO ONE can change it.

Have a great Sunday.

:-) Susan

Lazy Daisy said...

You so need to write children stories of Marmalade the Wonder Cat! I always get a chuckle.