Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. The Grandbugs arrive today. Yippee!!!

2. The telephone company is coming sometime between 8am and noon to install their phone service.

3. I have to call the propane company and set up automatic delivery and get them to come out an install something or other to make the generators go.

4. I have to disassemble LLB's current bed and do an archeological dig under there so we can put up the new bed and roll out her new rug. I have stalled on that last little item in her room... I'm afraid... I'm very afraid... I have my pith helmet and my mag light... I should be okay.

5. I have to get the Christmas dishes out of Grambug's cabinet. I forgot. Oh and that mountain of laundry I got done last week is back. How does that happen?

6. I am in charge of the Middle School Honor Roll Breakfast next week. Where does one find 200 fresh donuts in the middle of nowhere?

7. I am learning how to do tatting. It's the art of lacemaking with a shuttle. It's really cool. They say it's the easiest thing to do but the hardest to learn.

8. I finally figured it out yesterday!! I'm psyched. I can't wait to see the lady who is teaching me - she's going to be shocked! She's been working with me since before Christmas... I'm a slow learner!! I knew my problem had to be with the tension... it was. But now I got it!!

9. We went to a band open house at the High School last night. It seems Marching Band is an extracurricular activity. Now we know why they have so few kids marching... #1 is going to try it.

10. There are many music opportunities at the High School and most of them are extracurricular. #1 will be trying out for saxophone ensemble and jazz band. They are all after school. (I'm loving the after school part!!)

11. Zebbie is feeling much better. We are going to try regular food today.

12. It is supposed to snow tonight. The furniture is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

13. #1 has District Band tomorrow and Saturday. If it snows I have to drive him, as the school busses won't be running. I hope the idiot drivers out there tomorrow remember that 4 wheel drive does not mean 4 wheel stop.

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