Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Joyce Aldrich

It was my teacher! Is that the coolest thing ever?

Those of you who know me well, know that I had an all time favorite teacher named Joyce Aldrich. It seems she may have found me. She left me a comment and asked me to respond via my posts.

Here you go!!

Ms. Aldrich taught me grammar in 11th grade at good old WHS. On the first day of class, she told us to bring a notebook to class and that we were going to fill it with grammar rules. She also told us to keep it because it would come in handy. (I had mine until it disappeared sometime after I got married.) The very first thing we wrote in that notebook was this:

Each, either, neither, and the body and one words are singular.
Some, any, none, most, and all are plural.

I am thrilled to think that she may have found my blog!! I'm giddy with excitement! I absolutely loved her! I loved her class. I loved the way she taught. She was fair. She was just the best!! It is because of Joyce that I help out in my son's English class. It is because of Joyce, that I can edit papers, letters, and essays. My friends and family call on me to "fix" their papers. It is all because of that Grammar and Usage class I took. I don't know if she ever knew what an influence she had on me... She probably does after reading this, though, huh??

Joyce was very stylish, too. She wore the most fabulous clothes - my fave outfit was her leather skirt! OMG! I remember sitting in the front row thinking, "I want to dress like Joyce when I grow up!!" Heck... I still want to dress like Joyce!

So, Joyce... If it's really you... Please, please, please email me at ladybugxing at gmail dot com.


craziequeen said...

Oh wow - I do hope it is her!!

How lovely, to find someone who had such an impact on the Little Missee Bug after all these years.



Clearlykels said...

How fun!!! We all need good teachers and an appreciation for grammar.

Clearlykels said...

How fun!!! We all need good teachers and an appreciation for grammar.

Unknown said...

OOh, the pressure is on for flawless grammar. I hope it's her.

MaR said...

I hope it is her!! I need her too!!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Lady Bug, I always wondered if one of these days I would run into someone that I knew earlier and you have!! How fun!!


Katherine said...

Oh! cool! I guess I should have read this before your most recent one and then I would have known the story.