Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Mumbles...

So, the weekend is over...

What did we do?

We went to #1's band camp and saw them march. They are TERRIFIC! They learned a ton and had a great time, too. The kids became a real family while they were at camp. It's such a special time. I'm just glad that #1 could experience it. #1 was tired but happy. He slept until 9 on Sunday - that's totally unheard of around here.

#1 had to take the bus home from camp, so we took his trunk home with us and started the laundry process. We picked him up at school and immediately headed off for ice cream at our favorite little ice cream place. We ran into a few other band campers and some good friends. It was fun to sit and enjoy the cool night air with an ice cream cone and hear all the funny camp stories.

On Sunday, I started my day with more laundry. I then made the dining room drapes. No, it wasn't hard. All I had to do was sew a straight line or two and clip them up. Pictures are coming... I'm just waiting for my new china cabinet to arrive. I want you all to see the finished product... The cabinet is due in this week, so stay tuned.

Mr. caulked the crown molding along the ceiling in LLB's room in the afternoon. Did you know that I don't have one straight wall in this house... Not ONE! Did you also know that if your walls aren't straight, you don't have real 90 degree corners. Therefore, when you cut the crown for 45 degrees on each end, it doesn't line up exactly the way it should. That is where I come in. I am the professional corner caulker. I can make those corners look perfect! Need instruction? Give me a jingle. I've had a LOT of practice in this house.

I also hung a couple of pictures in the craft room, cleaned up the clutter in the family room, shredded a gazillion old bills (don't worry, I paid them all in full!), hung LLB's unruly closet door, and picked up my desk just a little bit. After that, I plunked my butt on the couch, flipped some channels and had myself a lovely little Corona with a lemon.

I am now on the prowl for narrow shelves for the wall behind LLB's door. I want to put her snowman collection up there. Any ideas? I have about 7 inches in width available and about 4.5 feet in length. I am thinking white or glass or something...

Today I really need to get my rear over to my school to go through some music and I need to stop by the ballet studio to get some registrations processed.

So much excitement... How I stand it, I just don't know.


Anonymous said...


You were busy! congrats on all the work!

I'm so jealous!

Clearlykels said...

Capt Team Productivity! This is why I didn't see you at polo :-)Also, seriously, how are your walls not even? I would be so pissed.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That makes you a corner-cutter. Heh.

Susan said...

Once again, I am in awe of all of your accomplishments. I LOVED band camp as a teen. You're right, it's a very special bonding time.

Have a great week.

:-) Susan