Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Red Trumpet Debut

LLB is a trumpeter. She's pretty darned good, too!
Today she played in church with a very special man - the Trumpeter of Jamestown. They are good friends and if it weren't for him, she wouldn't be playing trumpet. He handed her a pocket trumpet in the spring of '05. She tried it, loved it, and insisted that the trumpet was her instrument of choice.

Today she and ToJ played "Once to Every Man and Nation" in honor of Veterans Day. ToJ arranged the piece. They played the first verse together and then she played his "obble gobble" while he continued with the melody. It was absolutely beautiful.

He has a red trumpet, too! LLB's is a Christmas gift from us that she got early. Heck, it beats a video game and it's way cooler!!

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Clearlykels said...

They were incredible. It was very moving. I love that trumpet!