Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. #1 joined the high school swim team. He starts practice next week. He is excited and the swim team kids are terrific. They were sweet and nice and very welcoming to the new swimmers. Some of the swimmers are band kids, so that makes it really nice.

2. We had a meeting last night. They told us to bring our check books. They weren't kidding! He needed the team suit, new goggles, the sweatshirt and sweat pants (those were pretty inexpensive at $14 each), and the warmup suit complete with embroidered name and year of graduation. I got out of there about $200 poorer, but in reality he will use most of the stuff for 4 years. Fortunately, I have a year off before LLB joins and needs all this stuff.

3. I am doing a photo fund raiser for the band tomorrow. I'm taking the kids' pictures - one formal pose and one fun pose. All the profit goes to the band. Yes, I'm philanthropic. (nice word, huh?)

4. LLB's gym teacher asked a group of parents to evaluate the family life curriculum that the school wants to get. I only saw the 7th grade package. I did NOT think it was appropriate for middle school. It was thorough, but a bit graphic and WAY too advanced for middle school kids in a very rural setting. Our kids aren't there.

5. The gym teacher agreed with us. She is not happy with the choice they are trying to shove down our throats. I told the her that if they adopt this program, I would opt my children out of the program. She would do the same thing... What does that say??

6. Zebbie has been barking at nothing lately. Mr. just opened the door and told him to "ATTACK!" Zebbie cocked his head and refused to go out - the big chicken!!

7. The kitten is crazy! She is obsessed with water. She comes running if she hears you enter the bathroom.

8. She is fascinated by the shower. She hangs out between the shower curtains on the edge of the tub when LLB is in the shower.

9. If you wash your hands, she's up on the sink.

10. She is particularly interested in the toilet... She loves to watch the water (and contents) swirl and disappear...

11. #1 went into the bathroom with the kitten on his heels. He did not know that the kitten had snuk in.

12. The next thing I hear is #1 yelling, "You stupid cat, NO!! What are you doing? Don't do that!!! Get down!!! AGHHH! Go Away!!"

13. The kitten had hopped up on the toilet and was swatting at his pee.

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David Edward said...

i came, I read, I laughed pretty hard....

Clearlykels said...

Ha ha, the kitty thing had me laughing, as my own cat is on my lap taking up all of the room for the laptop and the dog is at my feet.