Monday, November 26, 2007

Tis the Season to be busy

Busier than I can even imagine -- actually...

It started on Saturday.... The tree was up and being primped and decorated, the house was cluttered but manageable, and the laundry pile was still sitting there -- growing. I sat down to read the paper - you know... just for a few seconds of sitting still. And there it was - a full page color ad for this coming Saturday's Christmas Parade with my school bell choir listed as the entertainment in big black letters. Oh my GOD!! I inhaled so much and so fast that I nearly sucked the paper onto my face and down my throat - I should have suffocated, but instead I clawed my way out.

My mind raced, "These kids aren't ready for this! They aren't any where NEAR ready for this..." I talked myself off the proverbial ledge by telling myself that they were playing outside so it would be fine. We could play some carols and do a little sing along...

That false sense of security lasted until today when I arrived at school. There was a message for me - Great news!! The bells have been moved INSIDE!!! I tried to remain calm in front of my Director of Music... Panic was setting in! I could feel my eyes widen and my tummy start to churn. What started as a fun time ringing a few bells outside has turned into a full fledged concert inside. I willed myself not to puke on her shoes.

I collected myself. I got some more super simple music out. I had all 18 ringers together in my class today, so I asked who would be ringing on Saturday. It seems 7 will be missing - they have "other things" to do. I told them they could not ring today. They had to sit out. They were not happy. I did not care. I did not have time for their shenanigans. I don't have time for them on Wednesday, either.

That will teach them to mess with me!

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