Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are You SURE

You want Obamacare?

Here is what happened to my BIL (brother-in-law):

He lives in Canada. The land of socialized medicine that Obama wants to bring here to the good old USA.

Rick broke his ankle while out walking his dog this past Friday morning. He was brought to the hospital by ambulance - according to him if he had walked in, he'd still be waiting to be treated. They brought him in to the hospital and he sat until they decided to x-ray his ankle - which by then had swollen to twice its normal size. The radiologist said it was broken in 2 places but that the specialist wasn't available to look at him or the x-ray until Thursday.
Yes, people, a week later!!!
So, they wrapped his ankle in an ace bandage and sent him home with pain killers. He is supposed to sit with his foot up until Thursday!!! His ankle is broken in 2 places... 2!!!
He called the doctor on Friday afternoon when he got home to see if they could see him sooner. Nope... so sorry. You need to wait your turn.
His ankle is healing all wrong. He will most likely have to have it re-broken and set correctly - probably with surgery.
But, he can have a consult on Thursday.
I'm sorry, but I find this totally unacceptable!
According to my BIL, it's better than when he hurt his shoulder - that took 6 months to get the MRI and another 6 months to start treatment...

So - if you break a leg and you have Obamacare this is what you have to look forward to! Expect to wait a week for the specialist to show up to read your x-ray and make a treatment plan. Oh, yes, and the government will decide if and when to implement that treatment plan.

Thanks... I'll pass.

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