Friday, August 21, 2009

Just stuff.

School starts Monday.
The kids have their schedules and are ready to go.
#1 already has homework for US History AP which he finished yesterday.
We went through the list of supplies they need for each class and believe it or not, came up short in the composition notebook category. I - the girl who hoards school supplies - am out of composition notebooks!

I have my knickers in a twist... It's not a huge deal, but it's the little things that make me crazy! While I was at school the other day, I tried to drop off a large bottle of generic ibuprofen with the school nurse. It was the same bottle that had been at Band Camp the previous week... The bottle that had arrived at Band Camp sealed but had been opened and had 2 capsules removed during the week for use by the same kid who would be using it. The nurse refused my bottle because it was not sealed.
I had walked the bottle from the band wing to the nurse and now it's unacceptable. I told the nurse that it was another $12 to purchase another bottle. (I can afford another bottle, but in this economy, $12 might not be possible for some families with school supplies, school fees, and other cash that needs to be dropped for the beginning of school.) She basically told me that it was not her problem. We left and purchased a new bottle. By the time we did that and got back to school, she was gone - so the $12 became $12 plus 40 miles in gas to bring it back because the kids can't bring it to school - the parents must bring it. GRRRR!!!! Like I said, it's not a huge deal, but it sure is annoying! We brought it back yesterday because we were going to town anyway and we always try to kill 2 birds with one tank of gas...

Today #1 is off to school to help in the music room. Don't ask me what he'll be doing - I have no idea. BUT, while he is working, I'll be running errands - I'm getting the ingredients for my pasta salad that I'm bringing to the sorority reunion tomorrow, picking up the composition notebooks we are missing, and shopping for toilet innards. The best part of the whole thing is that he can drive himself to town and I can go the other direction - where there is a Super Wallyworld AND a Tarjay - oh, and a Lowlys. I can be in school supply heaven AND get my veggies AND shop for toilet innards all in the same stop!!!

It's the little things...

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