Monday, August 24, 2009


Ahem... excuse me.
I got a little overzealous there...

Today is the first day of school. I now have two high school students in my family. #1 left in his car this morning - all excited to be a junior with a parking spot and wheels to go in it. LLB took the bus. She is happy that her brother is driving, but is not ready to trust him completely - and I'm totally fine with that. She is content to ride the bus with her friends. As a matter of fact, when the bus pulled up, I could see 3 of her good friends through the windows. When she hopped on, one of them cheered and called her name. I'm sure that makes riding the bus even more palatable.

The kids have marching rehearsal after school, so I'll still have to run down there and pick her up - which is fine with me since I have a bunch of band shoes to pass out - you do know that I'm the Shoe Fairy... I fit and order shoes. Fortunately, that gig ends with the shoe delivery this afternoon. I, like my mother, don't DO feet.

Last week, Mr. Band Director requested all the student leaders show up on Friday to have a meeting, help clean up some stuff, and move some equipment to the storage trailer. I'd like you all to know that the ONLY kid who showed up was my #1.

I got a quick and very quiet phone call from #1 upon his arrival asking me what to do because there was a meeting going on in the band room. I told him that there should be a list of things to do on the wall. He whispered back that he did see it, thanked me for my help, and went off to complete the assignments.

When Mr. Director joined him, he asked if #1 had completed X, Y and Z. #1 said, "Yes."
Mr. Director looked right at him and said, "Oh, wow! Well, I guess I know who I can count on."
#1's response, "Yup. I guess you do."
(My thought when #1 told me the story - HA! Take that Mr. Director!! HA!)

It seems that Mr. Director went to do a couple of things that #1 had completed as well - without being asked. Mr. Director was very pleased and surprised that #1 had gone beyond the call of duty. (As he should be.) #1 said that every time Mr. Director went to do something that had already been completed, he said, "Oh - you did that TOO?! Wow! Thanks!"

When the Mr. Director asked him if he wanted to stay for lunch and have pizza - since that was part of the deal, #1 declined and told him to save it for another time when everyone could partake. He told him that he was going to go home to have lunch with LLB who was home alone. Yes, my friends, HE really is that sweet and SHE got out of shopping for toilet innards with me...

Mr. Director smiled, handed him a can of ice cold soda, and thanked him for his help. So - I guess Mr. Director has finally figured out that my #1 is as wonderful as the rest of the world claims.
It's about time!

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