Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Is not a time I like to be woken up - ever.
Zeb has woken me up 2 nights in a row at 3am.  The first night he ran out and did a giant poopy. I understand that and had a feeling it might happen based on what he scarfed down shortly before bed time. But, last night - there was no reason to be getting me out of bed at 3am.

So, I went and checked him. He was fine. I went back to bed.
Zeb woofed some more and Mr. - the big softie - got up to let him out.

The cats know that if I'm up at 3am, they'd best be sweet, purr a lot, and not beg for food. Alas, they know that Mr. will feed them at any hour. I heard the clink of dry food in their bowl at 3:05am. 

If these animals think that this is going to become a habit - they are in for a rude awakening. Mr. just informed me that tonight he's putting in his earplugs and closing the bedroom door.

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